• You really want to hear the ink inspire story? Well, this story is beyond the story of a mere establishment. It’s my little journey with my ink.   The story of Ink Inspire will be incomplete without my journey with the ink. I hope this story makes you smile. 

 I have always had a flair for writing. It was my passion. It was my desire. It was my hobby. It was my consolation. It was ME. Back then,  I used to be so emotional. I really had so many things to cry about. It’s either my mom’s bitter cain or dad’s annoying shouts or my friend’s frequent snubs or the pains of being wrongly accused. Whichever the case maybe, I always found consolation in the ink of my pen. I could write and write and write and write till I no longer feel sorrow but complete joy and ecstasy. 

 I wrote a whole lot of stories and novels while I was quite younger. Quite amazing stories they were. Oh whenever  I wrote those stories, I often get lost in the euphoria of my imaginations. I would always feel my thoughts running to and fro while these imaginations spontaneously flow from my head to my ever swift hands. I could write and write and write for hours and yet don’t feel exhausted at any point not until the screen of my imaginations is turned off. O I remember the most favorite novel I had ever written; Rock of Hardship. I still recall that gross anticipation that struck the face of every reader. I could still count the number of times my friends took up the book  intending to glance through it but ended up on their beds rapidly devouring the pages. Very often I got that ‘Wowwwww’ exclamation from my readers and they are like, “Hey! This is real good. I hope this get out to the public real soon.’ It really never got out to the public though but I still wear that candid warm smile whenever my thoughts stumble over those days off little beginning. Funny enough that was thirteen years ago. Such a long time.

I gave my life to Christ on the 25th of May,  2014. After my new birth experience,  I got a call from God. Though it still had to do with writing but the difference this time is it had to be on a different dimension. God called me to be a witness of His unfading love to all the nations.  He called me to reveal the truth of His word , to encourage the weak, to rebuke wrongs , to shape destinies,  to boost up the strong, and to reconcile men to Him in a the most amazing way through writing. Since this coming out this call , writing to God’s people and the world at large has  been my duty. A post I cherish with all manner of sincerity. A post I cling too with all manner of responsibility. I still thank God for this rare privilege. Today I have written so many public articles in different magazines and publications.  All in God’s glory. And now here is another dimension of writing to God’s glory, Ink Inspire. Are you wondering what Ink Inspire it’s so about?  He it’s the gist! 

Ink inspire was birthed by God Himself on the 25th of May, 2017. It stands to be an organisation of persons devoted to inspiring their world through writing. It aims at inspiring the youth of this age to  dump mediocrity and clamour for total dominion here on earth. It aims to reveal the truth in God’s word and ready the youths for eternity. 

It’s been said that  there is an army rising up to break the chains of ignorance, the chains of spiritual complacency,the chains of mediocrity, the chains of failure,  the chains of immorality,  the chains of indecency,  the chains of powerlessness. Ink inspire is sworn to help raise this army through writing and that we would do with our all or might. This is our story! Help us write this story better.